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Spring session starts – March 20th

Experiential science-based classes implementing physical education, self-confidence, and a sense of community while having fun and learning about the environment. All classes are designed to be hands on and active. Programs will include earth and life sciences, sustainability and survival techniques, challenge course elements, and encounters with Camp Carter’s resident animals.


Available for homeschooled students ages 5-17.


The 2-hour classes will be held once a week for 7-weeks and will be split up by age groups (Ages 5-8, 9-12, 13-17).


Lessons will include age appropriate programs including Aquatic Study, Plant Science, Archery, Equine Science, Animal Adaptations, Geology, Survival Skills, and more. Contact our Outdoor Education Department at 817-738-9241 for more detailed lesson plans.


Spring session… This session will include a variety of different classes that the kids have never experienced before! We will learn about recycling and the kids will get the chance to build their very own compost bin and learn the science behind decomposition. The kids will get to watch from week to week as their waste turns into soil. We will also learn about tree identification, wilderness ecology/tracking, and wilderness survival in the winter.

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